Vivid Technology



Vivid Industrial

Vivid Industrial provides intelligent, customised and energy efficient lighting solutions to industrial and infrastructure businesses.  Vivid Industrial is committed to providing world-class services and technology to help businesses:

  • Reduce electricity, energy costs and CO2 footprint
  • Decrease lighting maintenance costs
  • Improve light quality
  • Measure performance with smart lighting controls and analytics

Vivid Ilumalite

Vivid Ilumalite compliments Vivid Industrial's suite of products by offering a vast range of energy-efficient lighting solutions to suit a variety of commercial requirements and budgets. Vivid Ilumalite supplies commercial projects and develops products for sale through various channels, and has been for over 15 years. Vivid ilumalite employs a team of highly skilled and experienced employees and has a proven record for outstanding reputation and quality for its innovative products.

New CO2 Fuels

NewCO2Fuels (NCF) is an Israeli start-up company which was formed in 2011 by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with the support of Vivid Technology Ltd and the Erdi Group. NCF was formed to develop and commercialise an innovative system to profitably produce fuels from CO2 and water, using renewable high temperature heat from solar or excess heat from industry.

The system is based on a technology previously developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science and exclusively licensed to NCF.

NCF has recently received several awards recognising the uniqueness of its technology and outstanding future potential in the renewable energy field.

A video providing an overview of the technology can be viewed at