There’s A Buzz Around Home Automation

But It Is Industry That Has The Most To Gain From IoT

There is a resonating buzz around home automation these days, helped by Google’s campaign to expedite this with Google Home and a very sexy campaign that creates the vision that you can turn on and off everything from lights, TV, music, cooling through to kettles and coffee machines by voice command.

Consumers love this, the thought of truly being the master of your home or “King of your castle” by delivering commands is very appealing. I am certain that kids will have a lot of fun with this, with some homes potentially resembling a version of Poltergeist at times and a sole destination for Uber Eats at others.

If this automation also delivers energy efficiency and thereby home carbon reductions, then there is a clear win for home comfort and the environment.

Less communication in mainstream media is about business automation utilising the same IoT (Internet of Things / Industry 4.0) technology.

Businesses have the capacity to implement similar systems / platforms that can create significant energy efficiency savings and garner data to deliver enhanced productivity.

Smart IoT Building
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Most business have the capacity to shift to an IoT ready environment through simply implementing a smart lighting system, an internal web that through sensors and microchips can deliver smart energy efficient lighting, heating, cooling, enhanced security and much more. These smart lighting platforms also consider human centric lighting, daylight harvesting and work place environment and building usage patterns to minimise wastage.

One of the early principles of energy and carbon reductions has always been, that the cheapest energy is the energy that is not used.

Add to this, the delivery of streams of useful data generated from an intelligent IoT lighting system and business efficiency increases exponentially. No better a truism then “what is measured can be managed” and the absence of meaningful data hampers a business’ ability to quickly identify and rectify problems.

Managing your home through IoT is fun and can create mass energy reductions or increases, the results are still to be seen, but in a business environment where operational efficiency is imperative IoT system will deliver real proven results.

In Australia companies such as Mercedes, Interface, Coca Cola Amatil, Arnott’s, Dulux, Woolworths amongst others having already pardon the pun “seen the light” and have implemented intelligent IoT lighting systems.

Smart industry transformation is happening globally and for Australian businesses to stay competitive they need to maximising efficiencies and harvest data driven knowledge, sooner rather than later.

Nadya Krienke-Becker
CMO Vivid Technology

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